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Why The Time to Start Your Business is NOW!

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Have you been looking for a time to start your business? Don’t have much capital? If you fail, you find a good excuse? Then this is the best time to be an entrepreneur!

Events in Kenya over the last few months have created an atmosphere of uncertainty. All seem to be unsure of what the future holds for them.

Pamela Gatwiri of Pam Nail Care Limited with customers.

Pamela Gatwiri of Pam Nail Care Limited with customers.

Entrepreneurs thrive during the time of greatest uncertainty, when majority would rather wait for the best time when all factors and the environment are predictable. The entrepreneurs think and operate in an atmosphere of contra ‘against the majority’. As an entrepreneur, this is a good place to be. The competition is less or irrelevant. They too experience your fears and doubt. For a small player, the large firms might not notice you. It is a time to build muscle, iterate or test products and services as you trade.

This is why. Everybody is thinking ‘Let me wait and see’. This implies the competition is reduced.

Customers still need goods and services. If you are clear, why you are in business and probably providing essential services, I’m sure you made money. Want to bet? Between April and now did salons close because ladies were uncertain about what is likely to happen? You didn’t have a meal because your rumbling stomach understands business is low?

No, we are deluding ourselves. If you want to know that business is the circulatory system of life, get sick! Am sure majority will pay anything to get well. Being sick is not going to the gym, where you have paid and you are not disciplined to follow the programme. Aha, you are too busy? Ill health is an emergency and needs immediate attention.

If I were you, I would invest in health, food production, beauty industries in that order. In the next article we’ll discuss the opportunities currently available in Kenya.

What have you learned during the just concluded election year? Post your comment below.



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