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Murori Kiunga

Murori KiungaMurori Kiunga's underlying philosophy is that entrepreneurship is an art you can only learn. Eighteen years ago, he did not secure admission to the faculty of business to do a Bachelor of Commerce degree.  Instead, he got admission to study education at Kenyatta University. Today he writes, speaks and trains on business development and personal growth. He continued to study business and entrepreneurship, did a diploma in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Community Economic Development. His goal is to create and share content that inspires his readers to action so as to improve their personal and professional productivity.

He writes a weekly column in the Business Daily, a publication of Nation Media Group every Tuesday. He is the founder and CEO of Queenex Publishers, one of the fastest growing publishing firms in Kenya. Murori Kiunga has authored more than a dozen books, among them: The Art of Entrepreneurship: Strategies to Win in a Competitive Market, Entrepreneurial Journey: From Employment to Business and The Winning Character: Succeeding Where Others Fail.

Patrick Kanyoro Mathenge

Patrick Kanyoro MathengePatrick is an economist, business advisor/trainer and inspirational speaker. He aspires to inspire all the people that he encounters in his course of duty, both in formal and informal settings. He graduated from Kenyatta University in 1990 with Bachelor of Education, Economics & Business Studies.

After a very short stint as a teacher, he joined Undugu Society of Kenya as a Business Advisor/ Trainer in 1992 before moving in the same capacity to Plan International in 1994. He resigned plunge into the world of entrepreneurship. He has attended several courses on entrepreneurship in various institutions including:  Cranfield University and Kenya Institute of Management.  He has read well over 300 books on the subject.

He is a seasoned management consultant with 24 years of professional service to diverse clients across: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He is currently writing a memoir to be published very soon.  He is actively involved in mineral exploration in Northern Kenya and currently setting up a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Nyeri County.


Time:  Tuesday, 17th February 2015; 5.30PM - 7PM

Venue: Sentrim 680 Hotel, Nairobi

Entry Fee: Ksh.1000 for refreshments.