The First Step for Improving Your Finances

Every person is constantly ‘tested’ and challenged in one way or another, at one time or another, in these three areas: Money, Health and Relationships!

It’s part and parcel of your evolution to a ‘New and Improved’ version of you.

So your successes and challenges are actually the stepping stones you must use to step up to the next level of your success.

Specifically regarding financial matters, the first step for Financial Improvement, is Self-Improvement!

For things to get better, you MUST become better- first.

Did you know: The state of your finances is a reflection of what is happening in your life!


Do a quick audit of your financial circumstances – past and current successes, past and current challenges and look at parallels with a part of your life.

Typical parallel scenarios to be on the lookout for include:

If your finances are cluttered and disorganized,

Where else are you cluttered and disorganized?

If you are experiencing shortage, scarcity and brokenness,

Where else in your life are there shortage, scarcity and brokenness?

If you are in debt perpetually (excluding Mortgages and Long term planned-for loans),

Where else are you in debt or owing e.g. un-kept promises, perpetual lateness or not keeping your word. Where have you not been paying your bills, obligations and debts?

If you are overcommitted financially,

Where else are you overcommitted? Do you easily say yes to everything?

Where else are you overstretched?

Which part of your ‘self’ is currently neglected?

If your income is perpetually limited,

Where else have self-limiting thoughts slowed you down?

What have you realized?

Please write back and share with me what came up or what resonated with your circumstances.


James Karundu is a speaker and author of 7 keys for Success Beyond  Chance, Go For It and Stepping Stones for Top Achievers.

He the founder and CEO of PassionBiz Academy and teaches startups and service based entrepreneurs how to start or grow a high income business from your passion, brilliance and expertise.

PassionBiz academy offers a number of mentoring classes and workshops for startups and service providers including : Market With Confidence, Harness Your Brilliance and Write Your Book Now.

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