The break-in

The Break In

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Sleepovers at Mark’s apartment were becoming frequent. Makena was getting used to the convenience of being dropped at her office at 6:00 a.m. Often, the drop was preceded by a quick breakfast at Coffee House. Makena particularly liked their breakfast combo. Their salads dips were also amazing. But Mark was not the kind to eat in restaurant every day. Mama Wambo ensured there were always more than enough supplies in his house.

Mark was particularly chatty this morning. For the very first time ever, he was accompanying two of his clients – a couple – to Mauritius. It’s all he had been talking about all week. Now that they were exclusively dating, his countenance felt light. He often laughed out loud, from the heart. He had been toying with the idea of asking Makena to join him on this trip to Mauritius all week. He had printed out the visa applications forms for her looking for an opportune moment to ask her.

Makena had one meeting scheduled for the afternoon that day. Her friend from high school had referred her to one of the most charismatic churches in Nairobi. They had an upcoming youth conference that they needed to publicise. Makena was not excited about the meeting. Jane, the friend who referred her had been so competitive back in high school. Although they were good friends, she always made Makena feel less deserving because of the fact that she hailed from the village. Mark’s involvement in her life however, made her more secure and confident. There were times she worried about what would happen if they broke up. Would her business go down with the relationship?

She had been happy all week. Writing daily goals every day and achieving most of them. Mark had coached her on realistic daily routines, punctuality and basically being on top of her game. He had even introduced her to his book club, where they read business books and chatted over coffee, whisky and cookies. Mark took pride especially in introducing her.

Makena insisted on taking the short walk from Coffee House to her office on Marafiki Buiding along Kimathi Street at 6:25 a.m.  The city was just stretching, not fully woken from its slumber. Random people walked back and forth as the beautiful sunshine illuminated their faces. She missed the day she was a photography enthusiast. She loved taking shots of the sunrise. The city’s smile looked polished especially today. She took the jerky elevator to her office on 9th floor with only one man who looked like he had been drinking all night. A few hours from now, people will be struggling to catch the elevator which intentionally slowed them in its snail move.

“Mark, someone broke into my…” Makena shouted on her cell phone. “The door is ope…”

“I will be there in a few. Stay calm Make…”

“Madam, nini inaendelea (What’s going on)? “Asked the security guard; obviously woken by Makena’s scream.

“This life, you work so hard…and then this. All computers are gone and my new printer. No way! ”

Mark and Oti joined them. People in the neighbouring offices and random passers-by all stopped to look and sympathise with Makena.

“Mark, take me out of here!”

“How about I take you out of this country for a while?”

“That would be good… no… That would be awesome!”  

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