The Number 1 Skill That Will Help You Move Ahead Faster

Too many entrepreneurs and professionals miss the boat on this overlooked strategy:

Public speaking is the hands-down fastest way to attract more clients, generate a flow of valuable leads, close lots of sales, and explode your business growth, when you know what to say so people will buy from you. It is also an excellent tool for moving up the corporate ladder.

public speakingYet most business owners and professionals struggle when it comes to speaking because they don’t know: what to say, how to say it or where to say it. Does this sound familiar?

It happens to a lot of people, people who could be having so much more impact, so much more success. Instead, you end with experiences such as lost a sale or business opportunity, missed a position during a job interview, lost a competitive bid for a contract, DESPITE having everything needed on paper - or knowing that you were the best or most qualified for the assignment, contract or job.

Becoming a better speaker and presenter will bring this sad state of affairs to an end. There is no shortage of opportunities and avenues to hone this vital skill. All that is required is a decision: I want to become a better speaker.

One of the best places to start is Toastmasters club where I am a member. From the novice who experiences jelly legs when speaking in front of a crowd, to the experienced speaker seeking to advance their skills, Toastmasters has something to offer. I recommend Nairobi Toastmasters club as the place to begin the journey.

The other option is to do it ‘the usual way’: Buy a book, join a class, get a mentor, take up a leadership role, volunteer …… 


James Karundu is a speaker and author of 7 keys for Success Beyond  Chance, Go For It and Stepping Stones for Top Achievers.

He the founder and CEO of PassionBiz Academy and teaches startups and service based entrepreneurs how to start or grow a high income business from your passion, brilliance and expertise.

PassionBiz academy offers a number of mentoring classes and workshops for startups and service providers including : Market With Confidence, Harness Your Brilliance and Write Your Book Now.

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