Market yourself using the Expert Image Approach

The Expert Image Approach is used in two ways:people talking

  • Indirect marketing
  • Developing the Know, Like, Trust (KLT) factor

 Indirect Marketing:

Part of the process of attracting ideal clients  involves indirect marketing and here, opportunities are limitless. They involve speaking, writing, teaching, seminars, events, exhibitions, demos, ‘tasters’, networking and word of mouth.

It involves giving your tribe 12 ‘touches’ before they buy. This basically means that sometimes people must see/ read or hear about you before they can notice you. They want to have a ‘feel’ of you before they can buy into your idea.

Indirect marketing requires you to have a keep in touch strategy in place. This will be a highly beneficial tool to help you develop and maintain the relationship and trust of your tribe. The best tool is a newsletter.

Remember that the more you are identified with one particular thing, the more referrals you get.

Developing the KLT factor:

All things being constant, people will do business with someone they Know, Like and Trust.

Know- share information about yourself, your ups and downs, your challenges and lessons learnt.

Liked- be pleasant, likeable, helpful, go the extra mile and show gratitude.will write for exposure

Trust-Be your word, keep your promises, deliver, be time conscious, be consistent, have testimonials.

The Expert Image Approach also requires you to sell without being sales-y. This means, helping your tribe to buy rather than selling to them. You help them choose you. You do this by making use of testimonials/ case studies/ success stories and so on.

You must have a clear brand in your Expert Image Approach. It must be unmistakable. You must clearly communicate your benefits and/or results, quantify them and give them a time element.

Brand your brilliance by identifying your step by step method that leads to desired results then give it a name and ‘claim it’, for example the xyz method/approach to writing and publishing your first book in six weeks.

Ensure that your brand can pass the 10-year-old test, that is, a 10-year-old should be able to understand who you are, what you do, for who and the results one can expect.


James Karundu is a speaker and author of 7 keys for Success Beyond  Chance, Go For It and Stepping Stones for Top Achievers.

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