So, how can you tell if you are on course? On track

The answer is simple – you are on course if you are walking in the direction of your goals and dreams i.e. you are regularly taking action!

Action is the key to accomplishing your goals. Any action taken consistently, no matter how small, is better than no action.

Sometimes you may fail to act or get moving because you are afraid of making a mistake or you want to wait for ‘things to get better’. Quite often that ‘better time’ never comes, or when it comes it’s too late because you no longer have the zeal or ‘psyche’ for the idea.

Remember you cannot steer a parked car! You first have to start moving, then steer it in the desired direction.

You will attract all that you need to realize your goal – once you get moving!

Look at the last six letters of the word ‘Attraction’. They spell Action! So ACT to ATTRACT the resources you require to achieve your desired outcomes.


"Ideas have a short shelf life - that's why we must act
before the expiration date."

Andrew Carnegie

Lioness hunting zebra

"Having the world's best idea will do you no good
unless you act on it. People who want milk shouldn't
sit on a stool in the middle of a field in hopes that a
cow will back up to them."

Alfred Adler

You owe it yourself to reach your highest potential, to achieve your biggest goals and dreams in 2014.

Action point:

Where do you need to regain momentum? What must you start doing?

Your breakthrough is just an Action away.

Act. Do something. Now.


James Karundu is a speaker and author of 7 keys for Success Beyond  Chance, Go For It and Stepping Stones for Top Achievers.

He the founder and CEO of PassionBiz Academy and teaches startups and service based entrepreneurs how to start or grow a high income business from your passion, brilliance and expertise.

PassionBiz academy offers a number of mentoring classes and workshops for startups and service providers including : Market With Confidence, Harness Your Brilliance and Write Your Book Now.

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