MKAZI is the magazine for East Africa’s Top Women Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!

Mkazi-The Enterprising African Woman targets an audience of educated, entrepreneurial East African women who own and/or manage a business. They are decision makers aged 18 to 55. Their businesses are in the start-up phase or have passed that stage and they appreciate the support as they grow their enterprises to the next level. They want to read about and find solutions to the issues they are faced with. They want to connect with inspiring women whose enterprises are having a positive impact. This demographic certainly represents the most active consumers in the women market segment.

Mkazi-The Enterprising African Woman is promoted mostly through social network platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as direct email. We are also seeking to partner with organisers of events, trainings and workshops targeted to women entrepreneurs and business owners.

Mkazi-The Enterprising African Woman is available in digital and print formats and aims at becoming the favourite magazine for the East African women entrepreneurs.