How to Initiate a Systems Change

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In this day and age, we have to change the way we do business. The way we would see a shopkeeper seated at the counter waiting for customers or distributing fliers marketing the latest goods has been replaced by savvy business individuals who use social media as the back ground for displaying and advertising their merchandise. The reality about a family business is the aim to stay true to the idea as well as to evolve with the times.

Businesses vary from the kind of services and goods that are provided. Technology is not the only factor that changes; management techniques as well as views of the world do differ from time to time. The way I will run my business is not the way my grandchildren will run it basically. Here are five major ways to start a systems change:

1.     Staying true to the objective: 

If the company’s main focus is to put a smile on a customer’s face, there must be an assurance that any new ideas will not frustrate the customer. It should be tested over and over to remove the main obstacles. In the streets of Nairobi we have seen how old shops have either closed down or moved due to the changing landscape of the city. Some popular shops where we were accustomed to get our groceries or beauty products from have moved to other parts of the city but they are remaining true to their brands.

2.     Re-establishing the brand:  

It is a part of marketing cycle that we have to keep changing a product to remain relevant with times. This is also the case for all businesses especially the ones focused on longetivity. Like family businesses.

3.     Bringing in the right resources:  

Resources are represented by people and machinery, thus the need to remain open to possibilities.  Businesses need to be a step ahead of trends and the best way to do so is to invest in or learn about techniques. It is sometimes a risky undertaking, but the underlined lesson is that there is no pain without gain.

4.     Patience is king:

Patience is needed to train staff as well as owners to adapt to the change that is occurring. A friend of mine who works in the banking industry told me that when a new system of working was introduced, the greatest challenge was to adapt to it. The good news is it has paid off, even though it took time but she was patient with the process. Though the initial stages are sometimes disappointing, persistence usually pays off.

5.      The system needs evaluation:

When systems are being changed it is important to put a continuous evaluation process in place. This will help in keeping the process in check as well as making necessary changes where needed. Meetings are one of the ways of putting this in place.

Have you effected a change of systems, in your company or at your place of work? Please share your experience with us in the comments below.



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