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Doing Business in a Slowdown 1: It Starts With the Mindset

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‘We are closed for renovation!’  ‘Our customer service crew has been taken for a working holiday to horn their skills.’ ‘My business needs a fresh coat of paint!’ ‘Isn’t it a good time to develop business systems?’

Dear friends, every time is time for business. The list of activities an entrepreneur or a business can engage in is inexhaustible. It takes creative thinking, innovative thinking and thinking against the norm to make disruptive and impactful contributions in the sectors that you operate in.

Mubarak MuyikiaMubarak Muyika taught himself coding using free online computer applications. Today he is domiciled in the Silicon Valley in San Francisco.  He refused a Harvard scholarship to pursue his entrepreneurship dream. This young man sold his first company before he was 20 years old while still in Kenya. Check this out: he was orphaned by age 10. No mentor, no money, just an inquisitive and curious mind. This is the African Zuckerberg, born in Western Kenya and he was featured in Forbes 30-Under-30 at 20 years in 2015.

William Kamkwamba from Malawi, now 22 years old. Without secondary school education, using locally available materials that poverty could provide managed to make a windmill that provided his rural home with electricity. He could charge neighbours’ phones at a small fee and even pump water. His ingenuity earned him a flight to Europe to give a presentation on TED talks.

Brothers and sisters; are we still talking about the current situation in Kenya or you have started looking at opportunities to innovate, become creative and profit as you serve?

Complaining will never kill a cockroach! Action, on the other hand, one step at a time, discipline to keep the faith and repetition is what will make you successful.

How innovative have you been during this election year?

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