Cut Your Workout Time By Half

LungesBetween comfort food and colder weather, rainy season is reputedly the time for gaining a few extra kilos. Interestingly, inactivity is ranked just behind smoking as a major cause of ill health - an important reason to stay active, regardless of the season. But with this quick indoor workout, you can help get into shape during the wet weather from the comfort of your living room.

With the way the weather seasons have been changing it is not easy to predict the duration of any season; be it dry, rainy or a hybrid. I mean we had rains lasting from one day to several days in the month of January, supposedly a dry sunny season.

But one thing is for sure, May comes knocking with the rains as a present and what it means is saying goodbye to outdoors exercises such as running, cycling and swimming. This should not particularly worry you, Read On