When Vered Ehsani, a mother of two, suffered adrenal fatigue after giving birth to her children, she decided that she needed a change in her lifestyle. Vered is a born South African, who grew up in Canada and has lived in Kenya for the past 17 years. Her wellness journey began as a result of […]

In the game of entrepreneurship, it has been said many a time that it is not for the faint hearted, nor is it a game for the chosen few. Founders can come from every type of industry, background or age group, and 32 year old Njeri Ngige is one such person who beat the odds […]

From the onset Margery, a mother of two adult daughters and a grandmother to one little girl, life was your kind of ordinary. Born in Ngong Town, her early childhood revolved around Kajiado, where she spent her years schooling. Later she went to Butere Girls in Western Kenya, completed her form 5 and 6, and […]

Paradigm Shifter, Trainer, Writer, Speaker and Poet. Qreator of the ‘Q Factor’—‘Qure your mind’—’The Invisible CirQle’—‘Open Qorner’ and more, Tazim has a mission to bring about change in society. Her compassion extends from the individual to groups of people, businesses and Kenya. She strongly believes that progressive change is an integral and essential path in […]

Joy Limo is the Founder and CEO of Queens Court Academy; a finishing school for young ladies and gentlemen. Struck by polio at the age of 2, she only realised she was disabled when she joined secondary school and people started staring at her and feeling sorry for her – which she used to find quite inappropriate. […]

Esther Wangui Ndegwa graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree neatly tucked under her arm. She had done a Bachelor’s of commerce program majoring in finance, and she was going to be a finance manager in some company, or so she thought. Little had she anticipated the challenges of finding a job. Ten interviews later, […]

When Laimani first begun the famous Alabastron program she wanted to create a place where women could be themselves without judgement and prejudice, and work on being the best version of themselves. The men would have none of it though, so they quickly began a campaign of their own. #BringBackOurWomen, they cried, as they marched […]

If it was not for my first ex-boyfriend earlier in life I would not have this business mind… He was just starting out in business. When I was cheated out of a promotion he pointed out my skills and encouraged me to think outside the box.” Immaculate is intent on surrounding herself with people who […]

For many years she suffered from a condition that led her to many hospitals and doctors. By the time the physicians finally established the correct diagnosis, Chepkemoi Waithira Wambara’s health had deteriorated so much that she had to resign from work and step back from everything to focus on her health. An experience that gave […]