I am writing this letter to express my concern about your business and the way you run it. Please don’t get so worked up, I can read your thoughts immediately after reading that first sentence and know they go something like this, ‘who does this person think  they are to tell me how to run […]

Well 2015 is underway and with a New Year, a business always needs new strategies to boost work. It is not easy to be consistent with New Year resolutions even on personal level, but there are ways of keeping the momentum which include the following: Make SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Result focused and Time […]

Seven out of 10 businesses fail before they reach the 3rd year in business.  There is nothing like a brilliant idea. Somebody somewhere has just thought of the same idea.  There is enough to go round. Money is an object. I am sure by now I have brutally murdered some of your belief systems. Before […]

It was exciting, yet scary; it was a well-trodden path for others before me; but new to me. It was the turning point in my life. I had just left my job of many years. Being ‘out there’ was different, very different. Change had come into my life. I was outside my comfort zone. The […]