Kenya is a relatively an expensive market, partially due to market imperfections and lack of proper competition in the operating environment. We should be having a business environment that is conducive for business in terms of ease of starting, operating and exiting a business; as well as the legislation that supports business operations. Such factors […]

Marketing is an art. It is how you connect with your potential and current customers to attract, initiate and maintain a profitable relationship. Products and services are marketed. In this article we will look at the different characteristics of a service that makes it different from a product. With this understanding I believe we will […]

Having discussed the different channels an entrepreneur can use to connect to their potential and usual customers, today I would like to clarify some terms used in marketing to enable us talk with the same level of understanding. Many people confuse marketing for advertising and vice versa. Marketing is defined as a process of choosing […]

Creating a business venture is every entrepreneur’s dream. Once started, creating awareness of the business to potential clients setting in process a trigger, an interest to sample your services or products where an exchange takes place generating business sales for you. To be able to understand marketing and sales it is important to understand the […]

Before the bubble, marketing of products was limited to traditional methods like face to face, use of above the line techniques and other similar initiatives that had more of a physical approach. The outreach was equally limited. Today, that is not the case. The whole spectrum of digital marketing is very dynamic but rewarding […]