Stress. It’s everywhere. Sometimes it invigorates and motivates us, but more often than not, it exhausts us. The impacts of stress are numerous and varied. Today, I want to focus on the connection between stress and food. Just how much impact do they have on each other? As it turns out, quite a bit. Let’s […]

Ciku Gichohi is a spice connoisseur who is passionate and studies the art of spices and their health benefits. She believes that a healthy lifestyle is indeed a wealthy lifestyle, and so she focuses on producing fresh spice products. Spices and herbs have been used in many ancient civilizations to mask unpleasant tastes and odours […]

In my line of work most clients who visit me feel overwhelmed by the much information as regards nutrition that is out there. I fault no one as nutrition is a relatively new science and understanding food science is a tall order for most lay people. A client of mine one day commented that after […]

Let’s face it, people are pressed for time. The days are packed with you name it, career, business, family, friends, education, side hustles, networking and all manner of activities to stay and get ahead in life. Maybe you’re one of those people who think rest and relaxation is a waste of time, time better spent […]

I am at the Ngara market. A few metres ahead there is a middle aged man who is roasting maize. He is dressed in a grey shirt and a black trouser and black shoes. He is sweating as a result of the scorching sun and of the hot coals burning from his improvised jiko.He coughs […]

Between comfort food and colder weather, rainy season is reputedly the time for gaining a few extra kilos. Interestingly, inactivity is ranked just behind smoking as a major cause of ill health – an important reason to stay active, regardless of the season. But with this quick indoor workout, you can help get into shape […]