There are many opportunities emanating from Africa that make business sense. Looking at primary needs such as food, clothing, accommodation, education and health is a pretty good place to start and build a business solving these basic problems. It has been interesting seeing the business delegations and world leaders coming to Kenya. The Global Entrepreneurship […]

Recently I met my old friend Martin, a high school acquaintance who has really metamorphosed over the years. Since those early years, we would joke that Martin was as thin as an electric wire. Of course he would not take it kindly and ended up exchanging blows with most of those who dared say this. […]

It is that time of the year again when intense activities associated with Christmas beckon and soon everyone is in it. Those attractive offers on mobile phones, and never ending discounts on household items. Remember the trendy and fashionable clothing that suits you, particularly many who have to travel to their rural homes over the […]

greatest and most fulfilling business consultancy ever carried out in my life is between my mum and myself. Not because of the amount she pays me, because she hardly does it anyway. The best I have ever gotten is a cup of tea. It isn’t also because of easiness. Actually, it is so tasking, taking […]

One of the interesting men I have met in the academic indulgence is a lecturer in MBA classes, a gentleman who had guts enough to say that in the industry where my interests have always been, there is no money. That since 1984, cumulatively, that industry has made losses. He narrates that the same industry […]

Around 500,000 Kenyans graduate from institutions of higher learning each year flooding the job market, an influx both the public and private sector cannot absorb fully. This has led to a very high unemployment rate estimated over 40%, and many vices attached to idleness, including indulgence to drugs, crime and terrorism. Many development experts are […]

Recently a delegation from Nepal visited our country to study the microfinance environment, and pick lessons for implementation. I had an opportunity not only to do a presentation but interact with the team that included government officials, representatives from a central bank and key leaders within Nepalese microfinance sector. The most interesting thing is that […]

Though I have not started throwing stones yet I am a football fanatic, not likely to miss any iconic meet. Anyone who watched the Champions League game between Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain (PSG) will definitely tell you they understand the meaning of “fighting like a wounded lion” particularly in business ventures.  Being football enthusiast, […]

“But after all the torture those exams put me through, I surely deserve a few days at the coast mom!!” “Brandon, as much as I would love to, I just don’t see where I could cough up that kind of money at this time of the year.” And the once smiley-faced Brandon walks away utterly […]