Sleepovers at Mark’s apartment were becoming frequent. Makena was getting used to the convenience of being dropped at her office at 6:00 a.m. Often, the drop was preceded by a quick breakfast at Coffee House. Makena particularly liked their breakfast combo. Their salads dips were also amazing. But Mark was not the kind to eat […]

Makena’s photo with Dougie holding hands was plastered all over social media. They had been photo shopped in various iconic movie scenes. In one image, they were holding hands in the Caribbean. The caption read, How Dougie got his groove back. In another image the caption read, Stand in the sun with me a popular phrase in ABC’s TV series Scandal.  The […]

“Are you ready for the big questions? Sweetie, I need your mind here… There is a million shillings out there for the most promising female entrepreneur sweetie.” Makena had been distracted. Dougie was five minutes away from dropping her at Mark’s apartment on Riverside Drive. She had forgotten to tell Dougie that she still lives […]

Power outages in the city were common especially on Thursday afternoon. When this happened, Makena always found solace in reading all the funny messages about Kenya Power on social media.  Oti and Nash made sure she had a good supply of them even in the WhatsApp group they were all in.  Makena had gone to […]

“Hello! May I please talk to Joelise?” “Just, talk to my PA.” Dougie had however pulled strings and had booked Makena an interview scheduled for Saturday 5:30 AM. She will probably be coming from a concert drunk, she contemplated. If she will be drunk the better, I will be able to ask her about the […]

Her Uber taxi from her house in Buruburu to Juma’s office in Upperhill had cost her Kshs. 200. She had never paid that little amount since she could remember. Dougie had hooked her up with the promotion code. He always came through in such instances. Her cheque wouldn’t be ready for the next 2-3 days. […]

‘Hi Hun. Viva has booked a 4 pm appointment today. You better be here at 3. Kisses.’ the text message read. Although Makena was expecting to hear from Juma, the message lifted her sulking spirit a little. She had been pursuing Viva the famous singer, together with her friend Dougie, for the past few weeks. […]

8:45 AM and Makena is at KRA, along Haile Selassie Avenue. How come there is no queue? Any chance the offices moved? “Madam siku hizi wako huko chini, tembea hivi utawaona (They moved; just walk along the road and you will see them)” advised the security guy at the entrance. Wrong shoes for walking! Skirt […]

The female waitress on the further edge of the restaurant was looking at her suspiciously. Makena had been sipping on her now cold latte for the past 30 minutes. She tried keeping busy on the computer but her eyes always trailed back to the entrance. She fought a burning desire to call Mark. She didn’t […]

“Now you have to go out and look for your first client,” Mark had remarked. It had been two months since Mark told her those words. Makena had gone out with so much enthusiasm.  She called everyone on her phonebook, emailed random people informing them of her new venture; Makena Communications offering PR services and social media […]