I’ve done speed networking thrice. Note, this is absolutely different from speed dating. That’s a no-no for me and in the same category is blind-dating.  In my hemisphere relationships are special and need to take their natural course, when you  are not looking they find you. Ok, back to speed networking. The first time was […]

WhatsApp has become a necessary evil. I’m in a couple of groups.  Some are very interesting,  some very nondescript, others not so relevant while some I ‘left’ every other time, and they keep on adding me back. One extended family group was becoming annoying and after finding 300 messages and 20 random pictures one evening […]

My activist friend invites me for an event to support her course. It’s the second time round and I don’t think missing is in the best of my interests. I hate being known as that girl who never keeps her promises. I arrive ten minutes into the program. They’re a handful of people and I […]

It’s a lovely weekday evening. After a long day I want to be a couch potato and have some peppermint tea. My German friend who’s working for an international agency wants to drag me to this forum where she meets with expatriates who live and work in Nairobi. She calls. “Alicia, you know I hate […]