Edna Kerubo Ngare is a mother of a 6-year old boy. At 33 years old she has 10 years of experience in the medical field. In her first year of medical school at the University of Nairobi, she was diagnosed with cancer. Scary as it was, she decided to continue with her education nonetheless without […]

You have heard it said time and time again, “A wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever made, so choose your prison mate carefully and sentence yourself wisely.” Yet, despite all the wisdom in the world, we end up choosing unwisely leaving a trail of broken relationships in our wake. In our world today, relationships […]

When Joan got a call from Swift Global Company back in 2004, she was excited. Having graduated from campus with a higher diploma in computer science, she was out for the hunt to become the best systems administrator ever known to man. She had taken her CV to the company and the administrator was kind […]

Eusebia Warue Mwaniki is a former Human Resource Manager for a publishing company. She  ventured into a furnished rental homes business immediately after her retirement from the publishing house. Born on 23rd October in 1950 in Embu County, Eusebia lives and runs Rosslyn Studios from home, a rental business called located in Rosslyn Hill along […]

The hair industry has no doubt taken the market by storm. The market value of hair products in Kenya currently stands at Ksh.20 billion, the world’s largest beauty and cosmetics company L’Oreal EA has revealed. High demand fueled by Kenyan women’s fetish for hair solutions, especially weaves, hair relaxers, treatments and oil, and recently the […]

Peris Mbuthia is a wife and a mother of two beautiful children. The journey of the 42-year Kenyan-born from being a chambermaid – a room attendant responsible for cleaning hotel guest rooms and suites – to the head of a beauty and medical centre has been nothing short of stratospheric. Having lived abroad for over 12 […]