Recently I met with a former classmate at a forum, who got me reviewing what constitutes my priorities in terms of positioning my employer in the market. Martin has been running his own bookstore since leaving college in 2008. He reckons that initially he struggled to set up the shop, from savings and money from […]

It is 4am on a Wednesday. The whole country is excited about the papal visit which begins later in the evening. I am about to miss this auspicious occasion since I am headed out of town. Something is disturbing me though, almost clouding the thought of missing this visit. The negative perception that a lot […]

The other day, I met with Makena, highly focused and diligent damsel I have known for many years. She had a business proposition that was stunning and got me thinking as well. Particularly for a new entrant in the industry, this could not be ignored. Makena was getting into flower industry. She had not been […]