Many entrepreneurs are jokers!  Over 95% of entrepreneurs are JOKERS! How come in the same economy, same industry, same customer demographics, same products and services one business person is excelling and the other one struggling? This is true for both small and big business. Do you really care about the PURPOSE, why you do business? […]

Dear entrepreneur, do you believe in your abilities or fear has taken the best of you? I know true entrepreneurs have long replaced fear with FAITH. Their ability to RISK is their second nature and this is why you are in business. Congratulations. What do you have at your disposal during these trying times? Do […]

‘We are closed for renovation!’  ‘Our customer service crew has been taken for a working holiday to horn their skills.’ ‘My business needs a fresh coat of paint!’ ‘Isn’t it a good time to develop business systems?’ Dear friends, every time is time for business. The list of activities an entrepreneur or a business can […]

I walked into the interview room still trying to understand what risk management within the corporate setting was all about. Despite knowing what the words risk and management meant separately, I did not seem to grasp the actual meaning of risk management within a corporate setting. I was interviewing for a position in a risk […]

A manufacturing firm was in the habit of recruiting casual employees because of their often increasing workload. Although it had a number of employees, most of their work needed support from casuals on a daily basis. And so for five years, the company would engage approximately 50 casuals daily. The organization was able to automate its […]

Nisana joined a new bank in town. On the first day he reported, one of his colleagues volunteered to take him around the building that houses the bank’s headquarters. Everyone he was introduced to literally stopped what they were doing and warmly welcomed him. This was entirely different from what he was used to in […]

Innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of entrepreneurship. The other characteristic is the need for an entrepreneur to be persistent. Persistence is being obstinate (stubborn) with your belief, your vision. When you are stubborn, visionary, it shows in your talk, facial expression and the like. You are motivated in your world beyond redemption. You cannot […]