Our Vision and Mission

In some Bantu languages mkazi means woman and kazi is a root for words meaning work, female or feminine. Therefore Mkazi is the woman who loves work, the woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, who offers services or products that are unique and/or have a positive impact on the community, and who upholds strong values and work ethics.

Africa, the richest continent in terms of natural resources, is considered as the next frontier for economic growth. Yet even though women constitute 52% of the African population, 60% of the poor are women and 70% of women in entrepreneurship are in the informal sector; where majority of them are trapped in non-productive activities (source: Africa Economic Development Policy Initiative). Women own only 1% of the land. Clearly Africa’s development is impossible if women are not educated and empowered with financial skills as a matter of urgency.

Against the odds, African women are using their knowledge, love for their continent and their education to come up, apply and fine tune solutions to pull themselves from the economic bondage of poverty. They are creating, building and leading some of the most dynamic enterprises in Africa. They are shattering entrenched stereotypes and redefining the meaning of leadership and success. Their numbers speak of an emerging, powerful constituency with increasing political and economic muscle that is integral in shaping a brighter future for Africa.

Mkazi-The Enterprising African Woman® has a mission; to be a resource of information that inspire, motivate and empower the African woman entrepreneur. It’s a platform for celebrating African women achievers and a resource of homegrown solutions to Africa’s unique challenges.