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7 Steps To Business Heaven!

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I am sure by now I have brutally murdered some of your belief systems. Before they reincarnate let’s take a different view on how to acquire the right mind-set before you venture into business. I guide you into 7 steps to business heaven.

Your girlfriend just bought a new Mercedes Benz C200 and is doing enviously well. She has a clothing shop down town. Tired of your beat up life, you plot to leave your miserable job. You will venture into selling clothes downtown. Then in one year you’ll buy the Mercedes Benz, and hopefully over the rainy season, you’ll see your former nasty boss walking somewhere near a mad paddle that you’ll coincidentally splash into and you’ll roll down you window to apologise… get seen.

Okay let’s rewind this scene and tear it up into bite sizes, and see who will be experiencing the mad paddle scenario?

The Mercedes Benz – Material  things should never be your source of motivation to start a business. Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t want a sleek ride to step out of? But you’re starting it for the wrong reason!  Find something that you are passionate about, a business that will make you jump out of bed. Focus on what you love doing and the things you love will effortlessly come to you. The amount of positive energy you put into a venture you enjoy, quickly manifests positive outcomes, new opportunities open up, customers love you, and then money will enjoy hanging around you.

Clothing shop – Have you ever walked into a shopping bazaar and found eighty per cent of the businesses there are ALL selling the same product or service? The consumer population is constant, a tenant goes out of business and another tenant moves in thinking that they can sell the same product or service.  Why do we constantly fall victim of the follow-the-leader culture? We wait for someone else to start then go set up shop next to them and think we will become a competitor and shut them down. Competition is good and necessary but you must be strategic and deliberate about your business venture. Identify a niche market, do a survey on consumer behaviour, create a relationship with your customers. You can have two people selling the exact same item with completely opposite outcomes. Knowledge is power!

Do you like selling, consulting, supplying, brokering, marketing, managing, training, serving, retailing? What is you entrepreneurship style?

The plot – This is the biggest mistake every quitter has ever made, to think that they will walk out of employment, start a business and make profits at the end of the month. Never leave employment without an established business, or saving for personal maintenance for up to eighteen months. Yes! Eighteen months. Figure out a time commitment that works for you by devoting just a few hours per day to building the business, while working the old job. While the time might sound small it works. Quitters = 50% of businesses that fail in the first year! Patience is a virtue.

One Year – Seed, time and harvest, this is a universal law; there is a season for everything.  Royal Media Services, Dangote Group, and many other successful businesses did not find success overnight. They all had long term goals and typically didn’t see any profits until long after they launched. Also remember to not put all your eggs in one basket, You may have an excellent plan on paper, it looks awesome but the truth is… it might not work. Have plans and backup plans. As you get better at running your business it gets easier to figure out ways to achieve goals in a realistic timeframe.  If you expect to make it big, then you will have to wait it out longer, and if you make it big quickly, as first as it came is as first as it will go.  Don’t expect to be an overnight success, only the slow and steady win this race!

Mad paddle Splash – What are you so angry about? For every action there is an equal reaction.  Our entire life is a manifestation of the things we spend time thinking about.  Happy, positive people always have similar results. These people line up with the correct frequency in order to attract what they want. This is a science and it is exact. So when you are focusing on the mad paddle splash……stay away from the pavement over the rainy season. Karma is a …….!



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