7 Questions You Need To Answer

Vision is defAre you a seeker?ined as a mental picture or an idea of where you are going or of what you want to achieve. Vision or the idea gives us direction and acts as a road map to our preferred destination. God’s word says that without a vision His people perish. Therefore it is key that as women entrepreneurs who aim to be purposeful and deliberate we must have a VISION that is birthed deep within us and prepare a plan for execution of the vision.

Proverbs 29:18 AMP

Where there is no vision [no redemptive revelation of God], the people perish; but he who keeps the law [of God, which includes that of man]--blessed (happy, fortunate, and enviable) is he.

After such a profound instruction I am sure you are asking yourself ‘So how do I go about creating a vision?’ Well here goes: you need to get into a quiet space… in this age of technology and information overload… no phones, internet, noise or people and ask yourself and answer these seven questions: Read On